Friday, July 5, 2013

Where are the Stokers???

Its been a while...
Its been a long, long far...I keep meaning to update the blog...and then I dont. You know how life goes. So no more excuses! Quick update: We just moved to Gainesville Florida! Rob will be doing his anesthesiology residency here for the next 4 years. We bought our first home here, and we love it so far. It is a great close-knit Resident community, and we are making new friends fast and enjoying life. Rob is putting in 14 hour days his first week, and working hard his intern year, but hoping next rotation and next year will be better!

We miss all our friends and family in Utah, and California. This is a huge adjustment for us, but a great adventure too. We feel beyond blessed to have our little family here, and look forward to what is on store the following weeks! here are some pics to update you on the past few weeks...

Our Baby Drue turned one! 

He loved his cake! 
Tommy graduated from pre-school

Rob graduated grom Medical School!!! 

We will miss our friends from School soo much!!

Our family

The scooter boys. This is also what Rob will be driving in residency.

Our growth wall at the Village. Sad to leave it. 

Last swim party at the Jensens.

Memorial Day tradition.

After 10 years in Cinderblock --we needed to take a picture of this. 

Our house was ceiling-to-floor boxes. 

We said goodbye to Beaver and Bryce Canyon with our friends, the Gales.

Some of the ladies on our last girls-night-out.

The Whites.  Oh, how we will miss them!

My flight to Fl with Drue was rough, but we drove home to this....OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!  This is a picture that is a few years old. Our grass is green now.

My Mom was a brave soul and drove with Tommy and my Nephew ACROSS the country in our Civic doing Historical sites along the way. When she got here, she helped us TRANSFORM the house to a HOME with all her hand-me-downs. We couldn't have done the move without her help. 

We are still  in the process of making this place our own.  Tommy and I are doing daily projects, like the bathroom and removing hideous wallpaper. He's a great helper, and is trying to get used to hanging with mom all day.

We celebrated with a few other Resident families in a cute town next to us and had a great day. So far we are loving the south and are trying to get used to the humidity! 


Meg said...

ok you have the cutest stuff! I need Valle to come visit me and decorate my new house, too! Looks great!
Congrats on the graduation, baby's bday, the move and the new house!!! Busy month, fun times to follow. And admit's gotta be at least a little bit more fun to say you're a Florida resident than Utah, right? ;)


Alicia said...

OH my! What a great time for you guys!!! First off you look FAB! woot woot!!You have always been such a hottie but look at you now! If only you could hear my whistle!!!

Way to go Rob! Huge congrats to you Doc!!Way to go Kate for surviving the village as long as you did!! Well done! Great house, birthday, ect.... Happy trails to you! We love you!

Rachel said...

Looks like your house is beautiful! Hope everything keeps going well and getting better for you.

Sheffers said...

WAHOOOO!!! A new house!!!! Congrats and so glad you blogged about it, you have been on my mind and I was wondering how life is treating you. Hope all is well and so happy for you!

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Marie said...

It's been a LONG time since I've looked at anyone's blogs. I know Drue is 1 1/2 now but congrats! Your little boys are adorable!!
Congrats to Rob too and to you for surviving cinder block that long. Good luck in Florida with everything.


Emily said...

You're looking good, Kate! So so happy for you guys and your new house! Awesome!

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